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How Much does a Live Function Band Cost?


Now there's a question. Not one that's easily answerable either.

You'll find that few bands will quote you a price on their website without you contacting them first to discuss options. Have a look at our article on how to Hire Wedding Musicians and Bands for what you might be asked to pay extra for and also what you should not have to pay extra for. The extras listed in that article will vary in cost between different performers and bands.

Once you've read this, please contact us for a quote, giving us the date, location and any other details you think might be useful. You can also now watch us live by clicking the YouTube logo to the left.

Rules of Thumb for your Wedding and Party Band Budget

  1. The cost will of course vary based on the number of players in your chosen band. A very basic rule of thumb would be to start at £170 to £200 per player per day. However, it could be more for fewer musicians and less for bands with more numbers. You'll have to enquire of the band you have in mind.
  2. Like most things, you get what you pay for. I would not consider hiring an 8 or 9-piece function band for less than £1000. A band that is made up of a good calibre of musician will demand more than that. I would, however, consider hiring a 4 or 5 piece band for that price.
  3. 4 or 5 piece bands that hire themselves out for more than £1200 are generally too expensive. For that price you can start to get a band with more singers, a percussionist and even a basic brass section. Make sure that you are getting good value for money.
  4. For soloists, you might possibly expect to pay a little more than £200. It boils down to economy of scale. A soloist will have all the outlay of their business themselves, so to make a good profit, they need to charge slightly more than a group of say, 4 musicians, who can spread the costs much more effectively. There's nothing wrong with that.
  5. Besides quantity and quality of musicians, the other factor most likely to affect the price is the travelling distance to the venue (naturally a band based in the South of England will charge more to play in Scotland than in Surrey).

To Sum Up:

  • A soloist: £200-£350 for a couple of hours
  • A Four-Piece Live Band: £600 - £1000
  • A Five-Piece Live Band: £700 - £1100
  • A Nine-Piece Live Band: £1200+

What you get for the price will vary greatly from band to band and you'll need to enquire of that individual band.

A Couple of Tips

  • If your date is not very far away, you may get some benefit from asking for a bit of a discount - your band MAY be trying to fill a hole in the diary. If you don't ask - you don't get!
  • If you've found your function band because they're on a list of pre-approved performers from your venue - try booking the band DIRECT and NOT through the venue. You could save money.
  • Why not offer to feed the band? - they may offer you a bit of a discount.

This information is based on some research we did amongst our competitors recently. It's also based on the prices that we charge. You could also take a look at this recent thread on where this topic is discussed.

To get a bespoke quote tailored to your needs, contact the band or musician that you are interested in directly - Please note that these are guidelines only to help you out.

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